Mariano Dallago // Square Intersection

Few days ago Mr.Mariano Dallago sent to me a link about one of his recent works, a photo project inspired from the legendary Gordon Matta-Clark. A series of full-screen pictures that gaves you a 3 Dimensional experience. I wish to see soon all these artworks printed in big size and exhibited, maybe soon somewhere.

Have a look below the official description of the project

“The project originates mainly from the observation of Gordon Matta-Clark’s works.
These cuts allow the vision of a world “beyond” the actual one, and at the same time they completely eliminate the vision (or perception) of any perspective.
Also, thinking about the perspective, the photographic perspective in architecture, giving a sort of challenge to the fixed viewpoint. The possibility of moving in a place and in a single image, where you can see “more” in the same image based on the capacity of our vision (or mind) to complete the missing parts as a sort of text containing “errors “that our mind corrects by itself.
A journey then, perhaps more visionary and conceptual, in a perspective and perception of it.
Technically the pictures were taken with a Hasselblad SWC, this was done in order to accentuate better the randomness of the overlap of the various shots, not being able to precisely control the various shots.
The developed films were scanned and their files were processed in post-production.
The prints are pigment color and measure 130×54 cm including a white border, varies the internal measure of the image.
Images taken in the year 2012.”

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