Li Galli // A place touched by Gods

The story of this house seems a fairy tale story but it is real. Ok the story starts with a castle/house  in the middle of the Mediterranean sea; located on one of the little islands of archipelago Li Galli known also as The Sirenusas or Sirenuse in italian. The 3 small islands are not too far from the Amalfi coast and the name, Sirenuse, is a reference to the the mythological sirens said to have lived there, the sirens myth from Homer’s Odyssey. Now in the middle of one of these 3 islands there is a castle-like structure, built in the roman era as a defense then transformed into a monastery. It was only when a Russian Choreographer and dancer Leonide Massine visited the island that the castle was converted into a private residence. Massine restored the place with a dance studio and a open theater, that unfortunately was destroyed by a storm. Now if you think that this story is already incredible you have to add an other detail. His friend le Corbusier designed the villa how you can see nowardays facing Positano with a large terrace. On 1988 when Massine died and the greatest dancer of all the time purchased the place the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev. He redecorated the villa in the Moorish style and clad its interiors with 19th century tiles from Seville. I have to admit that this place has been touched by Gods and you can see it. Below some images, have a look.

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